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I write fiction, short stories and poems. Here are my books with collection of stories and poems.

Journey to my heart by Keerti Garg

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Mother’s Day

It’s your special day But you know that , I don’t need one day to tell you That you are my world!   The grass is always green And the…

The Guiding Light (Exhibited in an event with the theme Hope, Help,Strength organized to help families affected with suicides held on Nov 6,2010 in Palo Alto, California)

I am a traveler and walking through this vast desert, it seems that I will never be able to reach my destination, for all I see around me, are vast…

The Language of Love (Published on Standard Chartered website in July 2009)

I didn’t know their language They didn’t know mine But still communicating wasn’t a problem I smiled And they smiled back I held out my hand And they held it…

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